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How to Create a Navigation Menu Bar

Create A Stylish Navigation Menu Bar

In this example I will show you that how to create a stylish navigation menu bar with Photoshop.

navigation menu bar

At first create a new workspace named Navigation Menu.

new photoshop window

(I am using a background color for your help.) Then create a rounded rectangle with the Rounded Rectangle Tool.(I am created 250*180 px) Then Rastarize the layer. Now load the rectangle and create a new layer. Use Gradient Tool from left sidebar. Choose the colors what you want for your navigation menu. Now Press Shift + Down Arrow 4 times. Then press Delete. And this is the main body of your navigation menu. Press Ctrl + D.

blank navigation menu bar

Type something what you want to involve into your navigation menu. Use gradient color in your text. Now draw a line by pen tool which stroke will 3 pt. Now leave it into the middle of two text. And do it for all. Now use Gradient Tool from left sidebar and use a color. Then load the line layer and gradient the lines. And your stylish navigation menu is ready. And now you can create a more beautiful navigation menu than this example. So,

navigation menu bar

have fun with this experience. Thanks......


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