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How & When To Ping Your Blog Posts And Get Indexed

How & When To Ping Your Blog Posts And Get Indexed


I hope you want to see your blog in search engine search result. For this you should increase your blog index by popular search engines.
For this pinging is a good way. Pinging a site lets search engines know that you have new content added on your site. Its a good practice to ping your latest blog posts to get immediately indexed on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Sharing a link of your latest post on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also helps in indexing your blog, as these sites are crawled constantly by search engines due to their large user base and high page rank.

10 Popular Ping Services

How To Ping Your Blog

The process is so easy for anyone to follow. Most of them would ask you to enter the Blog Name and Homepage URL with an optional RSS URL while some may require you to add a description. Never use these services if you don't have updated content on your blog, or it may be marked as spam. So, follow this process and enjoy a high index by search engines. Thanks......


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