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Take A Snapshot

How To Take A Snapshot?

Snapshot means the pictures which is captured over the activity of the desktop. Many time we need to take a snapshot. But how to take a snapshot?

Don't be afraid. It is so easy to take a snapshot. For this, you should just follow some very simple steps. Let's see how to take a snapshot?

At first, choose the programe or programe's activity which you want to capture.

Next just click the " Print Screen " button.

Printscreen button

After this open " Paint " programe and paste it by using " Home > Clipboard > Paste " menu or press " Ctrl + V ".

You can now see the captured snapshot. Then you can edit this or save this. For saving this picture you can use " File > Save " menu or press " Ctrl + S ". You can also select any picture format.

At last press " Save ". And this is done. You have done the work and taken the snapshot.



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