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How To Create A Logo In Illustrator

Create A Logo In Illustrator

Illustrator logo

In this article, I will show you that how to create a basic level logo in Illustrator.

3 box

 3 join box
At first, create a new workspace. And I know you can do this. Now create 3 box like this.

3 join box
Then place them like this.

box and lines
Then use the Direct Selection Tool and select the side like this.
join menu
Then do like this. 
3d box and lines
After this choose two end point of the line and join them. Create them like this.
 3d box and 3d shapes
Then create 4 box for making it 3d. Create it like this.

3d logo

Now it is ready. And just color them and type a text. For creating more beautiful I am rotate this 45°. You can do this or not. It is your wish.
And have a fun with this experience. Thanks......


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